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Christ Donovan Trust

About The Chris Donovan Trust



Who we are

The Chris Donovan Trust is a non-profit Charity.

"We want people to understand what it is like to be a victim and through that knowledge prevent them from creating more victims.”

Our Goals

(the things we want to contribute to)    
  1. To prevent frst time and repeatt offending behaviour.
  2. Promote partnerships that empower victims to deal with a crime and raise awareness of the benefits of Restorative Justice and other victim programmes


How we will achieve our ambitions?

We are an independent charity and are driven by the loss of our son, Chris.

Our approach is:
  1. To visit schools, youth offending institutions and prisons and speak about our experiences.
  2. To share our experiences and hope that in the future every victim has a voice and is heard.
  3. To be open and collaborative with other organisations in achieving our goals.

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