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Christ Donovan Trust



The Chris Donovan Trust is a non-profit charitable organization set up by Ray and Vi Donovan, who in 2001 experienced the tragic loss of their son Chris through unprovoked violence.


Using their own devastating experience, they want to help to educate people about the impact of crime on a victim, their family and the wider society.

They do so by sharing their story and experience with a wide audience including Students, criminal justice professionals, victims of crime and offenders.

Their story will give you an emotional and real picture of how horrific violent crime is. You will be captivated by the Donovan's who talk about respect not being gained through violence but by being true to yourself, thinking about your actions and, ultimately, through forgiveness.

They will take you on a journey with them, from the night they were told their son had been senselessly murdered by three teenagers to ten years later when they met the offenders.

Restorative Justice finally gave Ray and Vi a voice and enabled them to meet the offenders and ask “why?”, a question that the criminal justice system couldn’t answer.

Ray and Vi do not sugarcoat their loss or experiences; they open up their hearts. They talk about how crime has a ripple effect and one action can affect so many people. After watching their documentary film below you will become part of that ripple.

Since the trust was formed, Ray and Vi have visited over 81 prisons and in some they have been invited to share their story on repeat visits.

As an example of their prison work, during 2014-2017

Ray and Vi have driven to and from Swansea prison, which is a 400-mile round trip, and over that time they clocked up over 3,000 miles. And that’s just one prison.

It’s the same with schools, colleges, universities, and conferences up and down the country

Lambeth Palace used our film "The Absolute Truth"  for their Thy Kingdom Come event, which was shown around the world

(Please click here to watch our film The Absolute Truth )


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