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Five Minutes of Madness


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Five Minutes of Madness


A couple of years after Christopher’s death we were at a conference later that evening we were approached by some ex-school governors from a local school that the people who killed our Chris attended. they said they want to apologise because they let us down by not doing enough to deal with their serious bad behaviour and bullying.


We looked into this and found out those involved with his death were well known for their bad attitudes and bullying in and out of school times and we decided that more should be done to prevent what happened to Chris.

 We decided to take our Five minutes of Madness workshops into school, hoping young people will listen and understand the consequences of their actions and how making bad choices destroys lives not only for their victims but themselves, love ones and the community too.


We shape our workshops to fit any age from year six upwards to College and University

As it is a hard-hitting story and we recognise the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Our aim for the future is to have a group of volunteers to visit as many schools as possible in the hope of stopping another young life being lost through five minutes of madness.



We know how much a workshop like ours is very much needed in our schools because back in 2011 during a restorative justice meeting with one of Christopher's murderers he said “Why didn’t someone like you come into our school when I was there and maybe just maybe Chris would still be alive today”

Maybe would have been enough for us to hold onto.

And this is why we keep doing what we do to change lives and make a difference.



Our Five Minutes of Madness workshop involves: Personal Choices, Consequences, Victim Awareness and Restorative Justice

We work with a class of up to 40 pupils, because we find that having a larger group some pupils feel awkward about answering or asking a question in case they look or sound silly.

But they seem more confident in a smaller group.

Some schools ask if we can do a whole year in one day? Which we are more than happy to do, this could be three workshops in the morning and two in the afternoon

but lately we feel we need two days as there should be a follow up on what they studied the day before.




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