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Christ Donovan Trust

Victim Awareness in Schools

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The Chris Donovan Trust is trying to get victim awareness as part of the school curriculum. We feel that our young people today need to see both sides of crime and how it affects everyone and not just the victim.

Most schools / colleges and Universities run a crime day maybe once a year and have about eight people from an ex offender, victims and actors coming into their school and speak to maybe a whole year in just one day.

The Chris Donovan Trust feel this is an overload of information for our young people and a programme should be set up that every school can follow.

So the Chris Donovan Trust will soon be bringing out a new DVD and a booklet to run alongside named "It's Your Choice".

The Chris Donovan Trust hope this will make our young people aware that every crime has a victim on both sides and this includes their family too.

We have full support for our campaign and backing from Lord Ian Blaire, Baroness Hughes, and Lord Storey and Paul Burstow former MP for Sutton / Tom Break MP for Wallington and Ruth Dombey Leader of Sutton Council. We are also happy to say that Impressionable Minds has partnered with us in this programme.

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