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Click the links below to see a range of YouTube videos featuring Ray & Vi Donovan:

Ray and Vi speaking about  the power of Restorative Justice at the  Restorative Gloucestershire Conference 31st Oct 2014

1. Forgiveness
Doug Harris is in conversation with John Mosey and Ray and Vi Donovan on the subject of Forgiveness. This program was first broadcast on Simply the Truth, Revelation TV, 5 June 2012.


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2. Brutally murdered teenager - parents talk of change
Ray & Vi Donovan talk of the transformation to their life brought about by the brutal murder of their son on 28 May 2001. And how that change effected their lives and others. For those struggling with forgiveness, bitterness and dreams of vengeance...


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3. Do Some Crimes Deserve The Death Penalty? (The Big Questions)
The Big Questions live from Ashton Park School, Bristol. The \'Big Question\' is \"Do some crimes deserve the death penalty?\" Guests include Dr. Michael Naughton of The Innocence Network UK, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, Vi and Ray Donovan from the Chris Donovan Trust...


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4. RJC Restorative Justice Practitioner Register
This five minute film explains why quality in restorative practice matters and provides an introduction to the RJC Practitioner Register.


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5. Face to Face - Prison Radio Association programme on restorative justice
Three victims of violent crime meet three prisoners who have committed violent acts inside a prison (HMP Brixton) to highlight the importance of restorative justice.


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